Update on Convoytraitors.com - Sept 20, 2022

Background info -

During the Ottawa occupation by The Convoy in 2022, a website was created - convoytraitors.CA, which was used to document trucks/businesses/people involved with the occupation in Ottawa.

I shared this website on my personal Facebook page letting people know this resource existed/to add to it if they were able...etc. I have no connection to convoytraitors.CA and was not involved with the creation of this website in any way nor did I submit any information to the website.  The mission statement I included in my post is copy/paste from the convoytraitors.ca website at the time, I did not write it or edit it in any way.

On Feb 6th or 7th, I was made aware of an alternate website - Convoytraitors.COM which claimed I was involved with the .CA site. 

Here is a link to the website from the internet archives. - https://web.archive.org/web/20220207062857/https://convoytraitors.com/.
As far as I understand from what what the internet archives saved, the website was live for 2(?) days.

The website has since been removed and is no longer active with this content. 

Here is a screenshot of the live website I took on February 7.

In it false claims were made and people were encouraged to "seek legal assistance and advice" as "there may be ample opportunities for lawsuits, class action lawsuits and possibly criminal charges".

The website advised visitors to "avoid people [like me] and their businesses"



After doing some digging to see who the domain registrant was for the .CA site, I hit a wall. I was not able to use the whois services to track down the domain registrant. The registrant hid their account information behind a proxy. Super common practice to protect their identity, a lot of people do this when they start websites. Luckily for me, I was able to track down the IP address associated with convoytraitors.COM. -

After the convoytraitors.COM website was taken down on Feb 7, it was no longer associated with this IP address. The website was hosted on Godaddy at the time. I'm not sure what happened. I just know that at some point, the Convoytraitors.COM domain was associated with the IP address - 

So I did a bit more digging to see what other websites were associated with this IP address -  At the time, I found 29 domains linked (Feb 8). 

Based on the other domains I found at the time, I had strong suspicions that the creator of the website was either a staff member of Macreo or was associated with Thai Mac.

Once I made that connection, I made social media posts claiming that Thai Mac had doxxed me. This is untrue, and I sincerely apologize for claiming he doxxed me. 

I was not doxxed in this particular situation as no information about me was illegally obtained. All of my personal information released on that website was publicly accessible when Convoytraitors.COM was created. 

*what I was feeling at the time*
I was thrown into a complete state of panic when I saw this website, as my home address was published. I reached out to Guelph Police to seek assistance. They were unable to help with this after ~4 weeks. I was told to pursue this through civil litigation or reach out to the RCMP cyber crimes unit. At the time, as the website was taken down, I did not feel the need to pursue this further.


Flash forward to today - September 20, 2020

A couple weeks ago, I was made aware that Thai Mac was running for Ward 1 city councillor, and this brought back the thought that he was associated with starting convoytraitors.COM

I still firmly believe, based on the evidence that I have found, that Macreo/Thai Mac was involved with this website in some capacity.

To further back up my claims, I have compiled screenshots of every website linked to the IP address -, as of today - September 20.

You can find the full list of domains associated with this IP address here - https://dnslytics.com/ip/

1) Afredoviti.com

Website is not live

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*

2) alphahomesinc.ca

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo Inc.

3) autoclinicguelph.ca

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo



4) buckslodgenorth.com

At the bottom of the website - Site created by Macreo Inc.

5) caughtinguelph.com

This is pretty self explanatory and is public knowledge. Thai Mac manages and operates the Caught In Guelph Facebook group and website.

"Mac, who heads the Facebook page Caught In Guelph"  - Guelph Today

6) choicecabinetcanada.ca

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*



7) cleanislife.com

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

8) connorsconstruction.ca

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

9) cooltags.ca

Website is not live



10)  empireexteriors.ca

No mention of Macreo

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*

11) goolita.com


At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

12) guelphcity.com

website is not live



13) guelphcr.com

Website is not live

14)  guelphhometeam.ca

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*

15) guelphtoydrive.com

Website is not live.



16) jaclgear.com

Website is not live

17) lawnorderguelph.com

At the bottom of the website - Site created by Macreo.

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*

18) lewistooldie.com

At the bottom of the website - Site Creation by Macreo.



19) mtnrenovations.com

Website is not live

20) nclean.ca


At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo Inc

21) niagarafallsinfo.ca

redirects user to https://www.facebook.com/groups/niagarafallscanada

Thai Mac holds two of three admin positions in this group




22) numeboutique.com

At the bottom of the website - Site by Macreo

23) ourenergycanada.com

Website has a redirect to www.macreo.com

24) purelymystical.com

website is not live




25) robertsboxedmeats.ca

no mention of Macreo

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*




26) snrguelph.com

At the bottom of the website - Site design by Macreo

Screenshot of Review of Macreo from SNR -

Is a sponsor of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page/Website. *see end*

27) tastewithandy.com

At the bottom of the website - Macreo

28) Thaimac.com

This domain is self explanatory.


 I received an email from Thai@thaimac.com on September 19 at 21:20 EST

Good day Brian Kwok They Them,


I keep being shown screenshots of your repeated harassment attacks on my name on various channels across social media.


I do not know you, nor have we ever met in person. The only thing I can recall is having banned you from our Caught in Guelph community for harassing other members and violating Facebook Community Standards. I’m also told that you are banned from many other local community groups for the same thing. And I have heard many instances of yourself and your Guelph Market business habitually harassing other people and businesses in our community over the years, even during the pandemic when many were struggling to survive. Some of these victims of your previous harassment campaigns have found a welcoming safe space in our online community, to now have you resurface again with attacks on their admin. This is quite unfortunate and disappointing. I believe the Guelph Police Service can collaborate on these claims as well.


Regarding this doxing claim, by legal definition, “Doxing is illegal if the information is obtained through illegal means such as hacking. One of the most common methods that a hacker will use is by obtaining the target’s email. Once obtained, the victim’s email provides the hackers with an avenue to uncover passwords and retrieve more personal information,” states Daniel Daniele a lawyer with Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP.


  1. You never show the full context in your smear against myself. This is the full context that I can find: http://web.archive.org/web/20220207062857/http://convoytraitors.com/
  2. All information as referenced above is public. Nothing appears to have been obtained illegally. Even the privacy policy information in question was public until you have removed as referenced here: http://web.archive.org/web/20201010215735/https://guelphmarket.com/policies/privacy-policy
  3. You admitted on Facebook that you have no idea who did it, yet you proceed to smear my name anyways.
  4. You admit the Guelph Police Service investigated and nothing resulted from it. You still to this day smear my name regardless.
  5. There are comments on your Facebook page where someone illegally suggested “hacking”.
  6. Referencing the full context, you openly encouraged “naming and shaming”, that may closely fall under criminal harassment and/or doxing itself.


I respectfully request that you immediately remove all instances of these smears against me. I just want to live my life without this constant harassment from your vexatious harassment campaign. But if I must openly defend myself, then the full context will need to be made publicly available and I will proceed with legal civil options. So, I kindly ask that you stop and remove all instances of these smears immediately.


Thank you.


Again, I would like to offer my apologies for claiming that Thai had doxxed me. No doxxing occured to me as the personal information that was posted on Convoytraitors.COM was publicly available at the time the website was created.




29) thedukesofcycle.com

At the bottom of the website - Site Design by Macreo

30) uofg.ca

Website is not live

31) wwbuysell.com

Has a link on the website to redirect users to https://www.facebook.com/groups/wwbuysell

Thai Mac is an admin of this Facebook group.




Out of the 31 URLSs linked to this IP address.

22/31 websites are live.

All 22 live websites had some connection to Thai Mac or his business, Macreo.

16/22 live websites were built by Macreo

2/6 remaining live websites redirect users to Facebook Groups managed by Thai Mac

1/4 remaining live websites is Thaimac.com

1/3 remaining websites is caughtinguelph.com

2/2 remaining websites are linked to businesses that are sponsors of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page. (note - I have not reached out to the last two businesses to confirm whether their websites were built by Macreo)

In total, 7 of the businesses linked to this IP address are featured as sponsors of the Caught in Guelph Facebook Page (and I'm assuming the website is part of it as well based on the screenshots below). 

Here are a list of the businesses that are sponsors of Caught In Guelph that are also associated with this IP address (https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10159189249163743&set=gm.1190384251730458)


"Thai Mac
12 April 
Shared with Public group





To summarize, based on the information I found through publicly accessible avenues, I can't help but continue to think Thai Mac or his business were involved with the creation of Convoytratiors.COM back in February. I cannot confirm this with 100% certainty without pursing further legal action or criminal charges as the domain registrant information for convoytraitors.COM was hidden behind a proxy.



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