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Congratulations Botanical Jewels!

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Did you know that Guelph Market offers business consultation services?

From start to finish, Guelph Market's team is here to help you launch your business. 

We work with you to make your dreams a reality. Helping you build skills and strong work ethics to start your business running.


Here's what our first client had to say about their experience!

     I think every entrepreneur has a vision of what they want their business to be when they open to the public. Especially when you have dreamed about your business for a number of years. When I decided to open my business this was definitely true. I knew what the end result would look like but I was uncertain on how I would exactly get there. In the summer of 2020 I started selling my products on the platform Guelph Market which gave me the opportunity to reach my customer base without having the initial cost up front for having a website. This also gave me the opportunity to better plan exactly how I wanted my website to function. When the day came that I made the decision to move to my own platform Guelph Market was there again supporting me. 
    The owner Brian offered his services with website development and business consulting moving into an ecommerce store. Brian was receptive to my ideas and goals and helped me mold what I had envisioned for my own platform. Brian was able to teach me as well as guide me through the process in developing my website and creating my online presence. What I appreciate most is that throughout our time working together I was able to develop skills and knowledge on how I can continue to maintain and update my platform. Moving forward I not only know I have the support of Guelph Market and Brian when it comes to business consulting and website development, I also have a deep sense of community and local business helping local business. Which is a great feeling. If you are looking for help moving to an online platform during the pandemic I highly recommend seeking the expertise and support of Guelph Market/Brian Kwok.
- Juliana VanderHeide, Owner of Botanical Jewels (

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