Smelly Dog Grooming Spray and Smelly Dog Shampoo (118 ml each) - donat – Guelph Market

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Smelly Dog Grooming Spray and Smelly Dog Shampoo (118 ml each) - donated by LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

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Smelly Dog Grooming Spray Aromatherapeutic Properties:
• Help condition the fur & skin with aloe vera juice, castor oil & vegetable glycerin
• Help calm, balance & ground agitation
• Act as a flea & insect deterrent

Smelly Dog Woodsy is also known as 'Piper's Blend'. Smelly Dog is named after my dear black lab Piper; the original 'Smelly Dog'.

Smelly Dog is a natural & safe alternative to:
• Conventional soap suds bathing and using liquid detergents
• Conventional pet-store products which may not fully disclose ingredient list
• Conventional air fresheners (e.g. more synthetic fragrances)

Smelly Dog's is:
• Locally handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality & freshness
• Free of fillers & synthetic ingredients; All ingredients are plant-basedd
• 100% Biodegradable


    Donated by LJ Turtle Aromatherapy


    All proceeds from this item will go towards Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis

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