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Scream at Today - Bellaberry Stitches

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This piece was created during a week-long mental health crisis. The text alternates in colour, font, and opacity to reflect my emotions at the time I stitched the particular word. Folks may relate if they've ever felt or been called "too sensitive" for experiencing poor mental health. The room is too warm and stuffy. Comfy clothes aren't even fitting right. Something about the sound of someone's voice is making it worse. eye won't stop watering. It could be anything but it'll be soon. Gotta scream. 


Brightly patterned cotton fabric with embroidered text to match. The piece is fitted into a lightweight wooden embroidery hoop that measures 6" diameter. The back is covered with coloured felt for neatness and a more "finished" look. Piece is ready to hang on a wall or sit on a display.