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Not a Racist Embroidery - Bellaberry Stitches

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This piece is one of a series of thoughts around the discomfort in confronting generational privilege. Oppression is expensive; like making cultural foods for home but giving in to buying "normal" food so the kids aren't bullied at school. Like having land stolen by settlers and having to pay the decedents of those people rent. Like spending the extra few bucks to get bandaids in your child's skin tone. Bella asks, "Are you willing to pay a fee to acknowledge you've been getting a discount on everything in your life?'


Patterned cotton fabric with most of a bunny embroidered in teal thread. The piece is fitted into a lightweight wooden embroidery hoop that measures 3" diameter. The back is covered with coloured felt for neatness and a more "finished" look. Piece is ready to hang on a wall or sit on a display.