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Moss pole (medium) - Greenhouse Guide

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Help your aroids reach new heights with a support for their aerial roots - a moss pole! Philodendrons, monsteras, rhaphidophoras, and many other members of Araceae will grow larger leaves, display brighter variegation, and most excitingly - develop more dramatic fenestrations! A moss pole differs from a stake in that it can encourage a plant’s aerial roots to adhere to the moist surface; mimicking its natural environment in the rainforest. Sphagnum moss is the best material for this - it takes a very long time to decompose and is easy to keep moist (unlike wood/coir/burlap) No metal = no rusting

Height: 4 feet (incl. bare section for soil)

Circumference: 6” 


Please allow 1 - 3 business days for processing.

All moss poles are created in a sanitized commercial kitchen and wrapped in plastic.