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Chakra & Lava Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant | LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

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Approximately 20 inches | Stainless Steel Chain & Lobster Claw Clasp | 6 mm Stones


Aromatherapy jewelry that is 

Practical, Stylish, and Aromatherapeutic.


It has never been easier to experience the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Our handcrafted diffuser jewerly has been designed with an aromatherapeutic lifestyle in mind.


Lava Rocks are porous and have the ability to ‘hold’ essential oils.  You only need one drop of an LJ Turtle Lifestyle essential oil blend on your bracelet; simply ‘sniff’ your bracelet before adding a new drop.   *Remember you can always add a drop, but you cannot take back a drop! 


How it works:

• Gently add 1 drop of an
 LJ Turtle essential oil diffuser blend to one lava rock bead. 

• Allow the essential oil blend to dry. Blot and wipe off any excess. Avoid getting essential oil blend on skin or clothes. 

• Re-Apply as needed. 


About the Stones:


Garnet | Grounds one's dreams & desires on physical plain | Chakra: Root


Carnelian | Supportive when taking action toward manifesting one’s goals | Chakra: Sacral/Creative


Citrine | Imparts joy and enthusiasm | Chakra: Solar Plexus


Peridot | A stone of financial and spiritual abundance | Chakra: Heart


Turquoise | Stone of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets | Chakra: Throat


Lapis Lazuli | Inner Vision & Truthful Communication
| Chakras: Third Eye &Throat


Amethyst | Activates spiritual awareness & intuition | Chakra: Crown


Lava Rock | Encourages Flow of Creativity | Provides Stability in Times of Change | Chakra: Solar Plexus



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