Join the Guelph Market family!

BIPOC owned businesses - $15/month
White owned businesses - $20/month 

There will be separate costs for

- booth/table space at market events
- more services will be offered in the future

What's included?

  • full page business feature on Guelph Market website
    • all sales will be processed on YOUR existing website/store so customers can order through your existing systems
      • Guelph Market will not be taking any commission from these sales
    • can customize what goes on the Guelph Market page
      • can be updated at any time
    • If your store is built on Shopify, there is a way to have your products featured on Guelph Market's website with transactions going through your Shopify store.
      • Etsy/Squarespace/Wix currently do not have a similar feature to display products
  • included in all online directories on Guelph Market's website
    • business directories will be created based on categories so customers can easily find you/your products
      • example categories, Black owned, Indigenous owned, Canada wide shipping, Worldwide shipping, industry...etc
  • one guaranteed post on Guelph Market's social medias to feature your business/month 
  • priority access to booth/table rentals at all physical market events
    • members will need to pay for booth/table spaces at markets. Discounts may apply for larger public events.
      • physical markets projected to start September 
  • access to additional events and opportunities as Guelph Market continues to grow.


 link to the application - click here