Endy – Guelph Market

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How good is that online mattress?

An obvious question that runs through a consumer's mind when searching for an upgrade.
With Endy, the answer is: the best sleep you'll have.
*save $55 off your first mattress*
Made in Canada, the Endy Mattress is designed to help keep you cool as you fall asleep and remain cool through the night.

Tossing and turning keeping you up?

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, the soft foam contours to your unique body and cradles you to a luxurious sleep experience. No need to worry about a partner waking you up at night, as Endy's mattress won't shift or bounce with movement like a spring mattress does.


Hate feeling warm when you sleep?

The top layer of the Endy Mattress uses open air cell technology, which moves heat away from your body faster than traditional memory foam, providing you with a comfortable sleep without overheating.
Interested in having a greater night sleep? Try Endy's 100 Night Trial.
That gives you more than three months from the date of delivery to decide that you love it as much as other Canadian customers do!