Vulva Altar Piece: Sacred Intimacy – Guelph Market

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Vulva Altar Piece: Sacred Intimacy

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Gorgeous, powerful, inspiring earth and sky energies flow from this piece. 

This anatomical clitoral model is made of delicate, lightweight clay that has been hand sculpted then painted with high quality water colours. It was then mounted on a slice of dyed blue agate with gorgeous natural patterning. It's then been lovingly surrounded by alternating amethyst (for grounding and tranquility) and tigers eye (for protection and willpower) stones. Agate brings it all together with its energies for rebalancing the mind, body, and spirit. 

This gorgeous one of a kind altar piece can be placed on a flat surface or hung from a wall, thanks to small bumpers and a hanger on the back. Makes an amazing gift that will never be forgotten, but you may just end up keeping this piece for yourself!

Local pick up and delivery only, no shipping for this piece

(Background display piece is petrified wood, and is not included)