Community of Hearts

Founded in 2012, Community of Hearts supports adults with intellectual disabilities to achieve success in curriculum-based quality programming, build self-confidence, and become more socially engaged as they grow and learn.

Community of Hearts offers a variety of unique programs centered around building life skills and encouraging community engagement. This helps reduce social isolation and improves professional and social networks. Through their programming, our community gains empowered, active members.

Boxes of Hearts is a social enterprise program run through Community of Hearts that gives adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain job training and job experience through community-based opportunities.

Participants take part in the job application process and work on skills around time-management, following health and safety regulations, team-work, and maintaining professionalism. Participants can also become involved in overseeing production, inventory checking, and communicating with businesses.

Along with job experience and training, participants of this program receive a certificate of completion, an honorarium for their time, and a reference for future employment.