Ways you can be involved: – Guelph Market

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Ways you can be involved:

1. As a Vendor

Priority to BIPOC or Marginalized owned business

Ideal for businesses/individuals looking for an extra platform to sell their products directly to the Guelph community. Vendors are in charge of carrying their own stock and inventory.

No monthly overhead, no upstart costs. Fees are taken from successful sales.

If you are a vendor outside of Guelph, you will need to ship to Guelph.

Vendors are now able to sync their existing Etsy or Square shop with Guelph Market. 
  • This will automatically import and sync your products from your existing store(s) to Guelph Market. Simplifying and saving you time on uploading products and maintenance.


*Product prices on Guelph Market are Tax Inclusive*

Fees will be automatically deducted prior to Vendor payout

  • BIPOC and Marginalized business owners -  23% + $0.30
  • Other Businesses - 25% + $0.30 

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited product uploads (no minimum or maximum)
    • products can be physical or digital
  • A unique shop page link with only your products
  • Access to network of vendors on Guelph Market for collaboration
  • Business Consultations at a discounted hourly rate. 
  • BIPOC business owners will have the option to opt out of being a Featured Business on the Home Page

Add on options:

Personalized Domain
Custom URL for your business to your Guelph Market Store (or other website of your choosing)- $60+ (prices will vary) *one time fee*

  • Domain ownership for 2 years (may be subject to a yearly renewal fee)
  • Set up and installation will be completed for you
  • No management of your custom domain necessary
  • Just click and Go
    • http://cultivateguelph.com
  • URL will be transferred to you upon leaving Guelph Market
Automatic Product Syncing
  • $10/month to integrate your store with your existing Etsy or Square store. (you can sync with both for $10/month, if the products are different).
  • $20/month to integrate your store with another Shopify Store
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2. Community Organization/Group

Exclusive to: Community groups that directly work with BIPOC or marginalized communities.


Pay What You Can or Reduced Fee Model. 

    Package includes: 


    3. Advertisement Space/Sponsors

    Are you a business that fits none of the above options?
    Please fill out the Contact Us form mentioning the Sponsorship Package
    BIPOC owned businesses - Advanced Tier: $300/month (instead of $750/month - $450 discount)
    **other businesses may be eligible for discounted rates upon our discretion. **




        Not sure if you're eligible? Please apply with as much details about your business, and our team will review your application!

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