White Sage Cleansing Bundles - Intuitive Me – Guelph Market

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White Sage Cleansing Bundles - Intuitive Me

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White Sage Cleansing Bundles

They Include

1 White Sage Bundle

1 Selenite Stick

1 Hand Carved Sigil Candle 



White Sage is known for its energetically cleansing properties and has been used by Many Cultures including Indigenous peoples for hundreds if not thousands of years! 

Smoke cleansing your home and yourself is a common practice all over the world! 

Selenite is a consistently charged crystal and can be used to cleanse yourself, filter the energy in your space and can also cleanse and charge any other crystals or items you may have! 


Our Hand Carved Sigil Candles are Set with Specific Intentions and charged while creating!!


All ethically sourced! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!