Plants Part 2 - Botanical Jewels

Plants Part 2 - Botanical Jewels

Happy Tuesday Morning!

Today's topic is on how plants help with stress relief and mental illness. This topic is very near and dear to me so I'm excited to provide some material for those of you who are interested!

Plants and Mental Health

* I am in no way an expert/trained in mental health aid and only wish to simply offer an avenue for further knowledge and research*

Something I want to touch on first is that human beings have gone from living more holistically with nature to living in large concrete buildings sometime towering 20+ stories high in the air. Some studies suggest that the majority of people today spend approximately 85% of their time in doors. This can be due to occupation, education or other. This has caused some what of disassociation to the natural living world. We are in a generation of tech based living, meaning that we rely heavily on our technologies for day to day life. This reliance can cause something called 'technostress' which is a modern problem of adaptation caused by an inability to cope with the new computer technologies in a healthy manner.

Stress levels and mental illness have also been on the rise with the new tech generations and I think there are close correlation between being dissociated with nature and our current tech world. One study says that "in recent years, the comforting effect of a natural environment has been verified, and further evidence-based studies are underway" to asses how living things such as plants can alleviate and aid in stress management!

So our plants that make us so happy when we care and tend to them may be of more benefit than we realize! The study from below says in their conclusions section that "results suggest that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress"! There is something to be said to about how many people often go for walks when need to feel grounded and clearer minded.

Overall I think there is a lot of benefits that can come from the reintegration of individuals with the natural world whether that be through bringing plants in to the home, growing your own food and/or perennial garden. And there are lots of ways to do so even if space is limited.  So with that said, I think everyone deserves another plant today! Have a great day everyone!

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