November Fundraiser - Bidding is open! – Guelph Market

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November Fundraiser - Bidding is open!

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It's officially here!

Bidding for our December fundraiser auction for 1492 Landback Lane is now live!

You can find all of the items here -

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and donors this month (in no specific order):

  • thelittledriftshop
  • Get the Bag
  • Frances Elizabeth Co
  • Pressed By Nick
  • Tiny Kind Toys
  • Trish Doyle
  • LJ Turtle Aromatherapy
  • JunglHouse
  • Sasha
  • BathNote LLC
  • Proof and Concept
  • World Tree Chocolate
  • Cultivate.Guelph
  • Charlene Downey
  • Guelph Market

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