November Fundraiser - 1492 Landback Lane – Guelph Market

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November Fundraiser - 1492 Landback Lane

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We are thrilled to announce a new initiative we have started. In an effort to give back and help the most marginalized members of our community, we are excited to let everyone know that we will be hosting monthly fundraisers moving forward!

In light of the recent injunctions and increased legal fees, we have decided to donate all proceeds to the 1492 Landback Lane community in Caledonia Ontario. 

We will be holding the fundraiser through Facebook -

The auction will be live Nov 1st to the 7th. Bidding will close at 11:59pm EST on November 7th.

1492 Landback Lane fights for Indigenous rights and we’re thrilled to be able to aid in their efforts to reclaim their land.

Guelph Market stands with Haudenosaunee Land Keepers of Six Nations.



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