GMSpotlight - Karen Leslie

GMSpotlight - Karen Leslie

In an effort to help out businesses all across Canada. I'm hoping to feature businesses all across the country in blog posts highlighting how they got started and how the pandemic has affected them!

Today we have:

Karen Leslie

I help people with Stress Management tools and techniques - I combine 25 years as an energy practitioner with ways to work behind the logical mind to help people see what thoughts they have that are creating or maintaining the stress in their life and business. It is not hard to remove these thoughts and see what else is in the way. The whole time helping people to reconnect to their body and trusting their own awareness.

This can be done by distance/online and in person.

Individual sessions will all look different depending on what is brought forward and their preferences. Most sessions are a combination of energy work and talking about what is creating stress for them in that moment. 

Where is your business based out of?

 Kitchener, Ontario

Why did you start your business?

I was my own inspiration. That may sound weird to you. I was living a life of depression, anxiety, eating disorder, OCD and suicidal thoughts. This was me for over 45 years. When I found a way out of all of this I was stunned and over time I began to have the strength to share this with others. My business really began about 5 years ago even though I have been helping to for 25 years.



The thought of not sharing what helped me and to see if others can regain their happiness and joy of waking up each day was too uncomfortable to not choose.



When word got out about how I had changed people started asking what I had done.

How was the pandemic affected your business?

It has actually grown my business!

I never promoted or talked about distance energy work before and now this is the 'norm'. A couple of the companies that teach the techniques I use created classes that could be done online which was amazing. And then there was just this huge increase in everyone's stress levels and I am able to help them.

I have a greater confidence in myself as well and that translates to helping others even more.



The mind is just a library of thoughts that we keep recycling. What if it is time to let go of some of those thoughts and decrease the clutter in your thinking? The mind only knows the past and will look for those thoughts that are used the most and reapply them. This does not mean they are helpful!

If you wish to truly change your life then look at what you are thinking over and over and choose to change it.

Where to find them?

Check out their

Instagram page - @karen_leslie_public_figure

Website -


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