Plants Part 4 - Botanical Jewels

Plants Part 4 - Botanical Jewels

Happy Thursday! Let's talk about one of my favourite thinks that plants provide...


There is something magical about growing your own fresh produce. Living in a society that creates easy access to fruits and vegetables in supper markets can cause a bit of a misunderstanding of how and where our food comes from. Unfortunately, it's not always sunshine and rainbows... but I think diving into that should be left for another day.

A question I found myself asking at a young age was, where does my food come from and how are the shelves always so stocked when walking into a NoFrills or FreshCo with my family. The truth is is that not a lot of people have the same relationship with food in the 21st century compared to eras before us. We don't often see where our food is grown or in what way. In some cases, machines do more work than people!

With this said, during the summer months there are some real benefits to deciding to grow some of your needed produce for the season.

The most obvious benefit is the cost. Anyone who has grown cherry tomatoes knows that once you start harvesting fruit in July you will be eating more tomatoes than you'll know what to do with! Surplus produce can also be stored in various ways to be enjoyed later that year. Canning, drying, or freezing can all allow you to enjoy homegrown food in the midst of a cold winter! (Soups are a favourite for preserve veggies)

Another benefit of growing food is very simple. Education. Whether you and you just settled into a new home or you are raising a family, growing food invites educational opportunities in all aspects. Not only will you learn plant care, but you will also be able to experience the time in which it takes to grow the food we buy on a whim.

Nutrition is also a positive to growing your own food! Eating fresh produce harvested right in front of you, believe it or not, can be much more nutrient-packed than from grocery stores! You can also make your diet more diverse when growing new interesting crops!

Lastly, is growing your own food gets you back to nature. Encouraging you to slow down a little bit and enjoy what's happening in the moment.

Someone of you may be thinking, 'i would love to grow my own food but I live in a highrise or don't have a back year'. Container gardening is the method for you! Lots of fruits and veggies can be grown in pots instead of the ground and a method called vertical gardening can be very space-effective!

I hope this inspires some of you to start looking into some at-home food growing options. Links bellow for advice and a place to start! I know its July but there are still things that can be grown yet this season! Happy Planting!



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