November Fundraiser Results - 1492 Landback Lane – Guelph Market

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November Fundraiser Results - 1492 Landback Lane

Posted by Brian Kwok on

Guelph Market is pleased to announce the results of our Fundraiser/Auction for 1492 Landback Lane.

We are thrilled that we raised $600 to go towards the Caledonia community for Indigenous community members to allocate funds throughout their community.

We would like to thank our community members who participated in this Fundraiser/Auction, to help raise money for this special cause.

Another thanks goes to our amazing team of vendors and community members who donated products from their individual stores on Guelph Market, as well as members of our vendor team who volunteered their time in helping to ensure this event ran smoothly.

Finally, we are happy to especially thank 1492 Landback Lane for taking part in this event with us. 1492 Landback Lane fights for Indigenous rights and we’re thrilled to be able to aid in their efforts to reclaim their land.

Guelph Market stands with Haudenosaunee Land Keepers of Six Nations.



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