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November Fundraiser - Bidding is open!

Posted by Brian Kwok on

It's officially here!

Bidding for our December fundraiser auction for 1492 Landback Lane is now live!

You can find all of the items here -

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors and donors this month (in no specific order):

  • thelittledriftshop
  • Get the Bag
  • Frances Elizabeth Co
  • Pressed By Nick
  • Tiny Kind Toys
  • Trish Doyle
  • LJ Turtle Aromatherapy
  • JunglHouse
  • Sasha
  • BathNote LLC
  • Proof and Concept
  • World Tree Chocolate
  • Cultivate.Guelph
  • Charlene Downey
  • Guelph Market

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