Ownr.co - Register your business

Ownr.co - Register your business

Did you know that that registering your business is a legal requirement in many provinces and territories across Canada if the business name DOES NOT match YOUR legal name?

With Ownr, registering your business is a breeze! 

Ownr made it so simple for me to get my business registered! The process took less than 20 mins and I didn't even have to leave my house to do it. It also came with a ton of perks to help me get fully set up, including getting my Business Bank Account set up!

Check out our link to save15% off your business registration!


You end up paying less and saving more when you register through Ownr versus through the government. I know it's definitely cheaper to register through Ownr in Ontario using the 15% off!

Thank you Ownr.co for helping my small business dream become a reality!

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