GMSpotlight - Peacock Transformation

GMSpotlight - Peacock Transformation

In an effort to help out businesses all across Canada. I'm hoping to feature businesses all across the country in blog posts highlighting how they got started and how the pandemic has affected them!

Today we have:

Peacock Transformation

Do you suffer from anxiety, eating disorders weight gain, lack of self confidence, poor relationships - since 2013, helping clients move forward.

Where is your business based out of?

Kitchener, Ontario 

Why did you start your business?

I wanted to share my healing journey with others, you deserve freedom from the past, you deserve to see your greatness. Helping guide clients to move forward using intuition for their clarity.



How was the pandemic affected your business?

I have more clients approaching me that are dealing with anxiety, confusion, loss.

Where to find them?

Check out their

Instagram page - @Peacocktransformation

Website -


Interested in being featured in a GM Spotlight blog post?

Please reach out to us through our Instagram account @GMSpotlight.

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