GMSpotlight - Flower Child Photography

GMSpotlight - Flower Child Photography

In an effort to help out businesses all across Canada. I'm hoping to feature businesses all across the country in blog posts highlighting how they got started and how the pandemic has affected them!

Today we have:

Flower Child Photography

Flower Child Photography is a wedding and lifestyle photography business that provides a variety of sessions.

Where is your business based out of?

Palmerston, ON 

Why did you start your business?

I started my business because I've always had a love for picking up my camera and capturing the world around me. When I first started photography I focused solely on nature and landscape photographs. Once I reached the end of high school I knew I wanted to take my love for photography a step further.


I went to Fanshawe College to immensely widen my knowledge of photography with their two year program. Just after the Pandemic hit, my part time job was sacrificed and I decided to open my own business!


In March of 2020, Flower Child Photography officially opened for business. I am truly living my dream right now as a full-time lifestyle photographer.  

How was the pandemic affected your business?

The Pandemic has affected my business tremendously. Photographers have not been able to operate for months, meaning all income stopped for myself. The mandated closure of my business has cost a huge financial loss, as well as clientele loss.


The one thing I didn't realize would happen is that the Pandemic would take the entire social aspect of my business and destroy it. I love meeting new clients and interacting with fun and outgoing people and that was put to a complete halt due to COVID.


Now as restrictions lessen I am hopefully that photographers will be able to safely reopen soon in all areas and capture these memorable life moments for people again.  

Where to find them?

Check out their

Instagram page - @flower_child_photography_

Website -


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