How to be an Ally - just do your BEST.

How to be an Ally - just do your BEST.

Allyship - what it is and how to be a good ally.

In today’s usage, allyship or being an ally refers to someone who is not part of a marginalized, oppressed or mistreated group who stands with and in support of that group.

Allyship is defined as the state or condition of being an “ally”. To be an ally, you need to practice allyship. Just like how a runner needs to run to be called a runner. An ally needs to practice allyship to be called an ally. 

Being an ally is as simple as siding with someone or something consciously or unconsciously. Through our actions and inactions, we show others where we stand and who we stand with.

A lot of what we think allyship looks like is people being vocal and actively standing against something. In most cases, allyship is silent and passive. What people don’t say and don’t do when others need help speaks volumes. There are always opportunities to stand up for others, choosing to remain silent only helps the oppressors maintain the status quo.

If you want to be a good ally to others, just remember to do your B.E.S.T.

Be accountable

  • all actions have consequences, regardless of how well the intention was behind the action
  • understanding and accepting responsibility for those consequences is crucial

Educate yourself

  • do your due diligence, take the time to research and educate yourself to reduce harm
  • the more you know, the less harm you will do

Support others

  • support marginalized individuals the way they need, not the way you want/think they need
  • ask people what kind of support they need, sometimes people just want a listening ear

Take Action

  • knowing how to be an ally and having all that information is great, but to be an ally, allyship needs to happen
  • use your knowledge to start enacting change and helping others


You can't save the whole world, but you can save someone's world.



I want to know -

1) What does allyship look like to you? 
What makes someone a good ally in your eyes.

2) How are you practicing allyship in your life? Personal or work life.
What are some ways you’re letting others know that you were on their side, that you were an ally to them.

Let me know in the comments below!

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